रूग़्णानां व्यधिनाशाय । क्षिप्रंचारोग्य हेतवे ॥
शुश्रुषा सुश्रुता भूयात । स्वया निष्काम सेवया ।।

To free all patients of all the ailments,
We carry out the work initiated by
(The Great Surgeon) Sushruta

About the Hospital

Shushrusha was founded in 1966 by the late Dr. V.S. Ranadive with the objective of providing excellent healthcare facilities at an affordable price. The late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi inaugurated the hospital in 1969. From a humble beginning, the hospital grew into a full-fledged Medical Institute.

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Our Medical Facilities

Avail of the Best “MEDICAL CARE” at an “AFFORDABLE PRICE”.

Our Services

A wide range of Emergency care services.



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