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OPD Schedule

Click on below list of specialists and know your consulting Doctors, their days and time of OPD attendance:

Physicians Chest Physicians Paediatricians Neonatologist
Paediatric Surgeons Paediatric Orthopadic Surgeons Psychiatrists Dermatologists
General Surgeons Gynaecologists Laproscopic Gynaecologists Cancer Surgeons
Medical Oncologists E.N.T. Surgeons Arthroscopist Orthopaedic Surgeons
Joint Replacement Surgeons Plastic Surgeons Gastroenterologists Gastro Intestinal Hapatobilory Pancreatic Surgeon
Ophthalmologists Neuro Surgeons Neuro Physicians Cardiologists
Urologists Endourologists Nephrologists Haematologists
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Endocrinologists Radiologists Radiologist CT Scan Dept.
Sonologists Pathologists Physiotherapists Audio & Speech Therapists
Anaesthetists Clinical Psychologist Laparoscopic Surgeons Pain Management Physicians
Spine Surgeons Diabetologists Andrologist Rheumatologist
Optometrist Dieticians Visting Consultants