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About the Membership

The unique aspect of this hospital is that this is the only hospital in Mumbai, and probably in India, which falls under the cooperative sector. It is run by the people for the people. This experiment was necessitated by the fact that private medical facilities charge exorbitantly for services rendered and the public hospitals lack hygiene and they are badly managed. In such a situation, this hospital envisages providing “The Third Force” – institutions where the health of the patient is more important than the money he has in his pocket.

To avail of the services of this hospital, citizens have to first become members of the cooperative society, which runs this hospital. Membership is open to citizens of Greater Mumbai and Thane Districts. A person who is legally competent to contract can become a member by paying a non-refundable amount of Rs. 10000/- towards the Shareholders’ fund (one time) plus an entrance fee of Rs. 100/- and Form fee Rs. 100/-. No dividend or bonus is payable on the moneys paid. This membership is transferable to another person, voluntarily, after a member holds the membership for two years or, automatically and irrespective of minimum holding period, to an heir/nominee of the member upon his death. The class structure of the beneficiaries is observed to be predominantly middle class.

The governance of the cooperative society is done by a Board of Directors, who are 25 in number, and, who are elected by the members of the society once in every 5 years. The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows: 4 Doctors who are also members of the Cooperative Society, non-medical members of the Cooperative Society 4, 2 seats for women representatives, 1 seat for SC/ST nominee, 1 nominee of Cooperatives Department of the state government, 1 nominee of Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank Ltd., 1 nominee of the Director of Health Service, Government of Maharashtra, and 2 seats for Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai nominees. Others are contestable.

Even an institution, firm, or body may become a member (as an institutional member) of this hospital by paying Rs 200000.

Benefits to Members and Dependents

Members are entitled to all privileges conferred on them under the Co-operative law. Being partners in a noble venture, members have a privilege and duty of helping fellow citizens.


Members availing of the services of the Hospital are entitled to a concessional tariff in OPD consultation, indoor treatment and other diagnostic services.

Benefit to members and dependents* are

1) Priority in admission.

2) Discount in consulting fees.

3) Concession on Indoor Hospital bills.

4) Fixed tariff for members in Special Rooms on procedures and operations.

5) Members (More than two years) over the age of 70 years (self only and not for family) can avail of Free Health Check-up once in a year.

6) A member who is a diabetic can avail of special concession in pathology tests.


CATEGORY Consultation (OPD) Investigation (OPD) Indoor
All Members (0 - 2 Years) 25% 10% 10%
Members below 65 Years
(2 Years and above)

Members above 65 Years
(2 Years and above)


Ward   -   50%
Day Care   -  20%
2inlNonAC   -  25%
3/4 in l NonAC -  -  25%
Single Room   -  l0%
2inlAC   -  15%
3inlAC   -  15%
ICU & HDU   -  10%


* Discount applicable to Member, Spouse and 2 Children (Upto age 2l Years)