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About the Hospital

Shushrusha HospitalAround the period of 1965-70s the state of Maharashtra was undergoing sea change in its development under the able leadership of the then Chief Minister, Shri YB Chavan who initiated the cooperative movement in a big way. Taking advantage of this movement and to benefit the masses, the hospital was conceptualized and planned by Late Dr Vasant Shripad Ranadive under the auspices of Shushrusha Citizen’s Cooperative Hospital Society, Dadar (W). The hospital was founded in 1966, having been registered in 1964, under The Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act, 1960, and under Maharashtra Nursing Homes Registration Act, 1949. The completed building was inaugurated by the then prime minister of India, Mrs Indira Gandhi, in 1969. Originally it started with 2 floors. Dr Ranadive passed away in 1971. Shortly thereafter it entered a phase of slackening of patient flow when Dr Nandu S Laud, MS (Ortho), took the responsibility of rejuvenating it and developed it to the present level in a gradual and phased manner as the funds flowed in with his efforts of fund raising and expansion of member base. Since then the hospital had not looked back.

Hospital Day is celebrated on 20th of May.

The operations related objectives according to the Bye Laws of the hospital in the arena of hospital operations are as follows:

  1. To provide for the members and their families medical facilities for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease at concessional charges
  2. To give the citizens better facilities for medical help at a reasonable charge by providing decent hospital, dispensary, and other up-to-date scientific medical and surgical amenities
  3. To render medical aid to the needy and poor free of charge or at subsidized charges
  4. To provide educational facilities, to enlighten the citizen about the care of his health

Some other notable objectives of the hospital are as follows:

  1. To provide best medical facilities at an affordable price
  2. Health of the patient is more important than the money he has in his pocket
  3. To Check everything in every patient in the hope of finding nothing

Some ‘cooperative’ related objectives of the hospital are as follows:

  1. To invest or deposit moneys, to accept deposits or raise loans
  2. To accept donations and subsidies, grants, gifts in cash or in kind